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Tips to write a really catchy blog headline

by Roger Pierce

Learn how to grab attention before your online readers click away from your site

People surf the web at an amazing pace, clicking through pages in milliseconds. And those precious seconds are all the time you have to grab a buyer’s attention with your blog headline.

Newspapers know readers scan each page for material that interests them and use headlines very effectively. Now it’s your turn to learn their tactics!

Use these options to create a great headline

Your blog headline should ideally be limited to 6 to 8 words. It should ask a question, solve a problem, or make a bold statement. Remember, the purpose of a headline is to get the reader into your article, where they can consume your blog content and absorb your message.

  • Use mystery: “Wonder how billionaires spend their work day?”
  • Offer a list: “5 reasons bankers want to lend you money”
  • Make a promise: “Magical words to convert prospects into customers”
  • Be controversial: “Why your employees should be fired!”

Your headline must cut through online clutter to grab a reader’s attention right away. Write it down, leave it for a while, and return later to edit and sharpen it up. Eliminate unnecessary words to make it as short as possible.

You can learn a lot of best practices when it comes to writing catchy headlines by browsing other blogs, daily newspapers and magazines. Look at the words used in their headlines that get your attention.

Don’t forget to attach a relevant image to your blog article. A great photo or image can help to express to the reader what your article is all about. Many online readers simply scan headlines and images for content that interests them.

It will take some time to perfect your blog headlines. Experiment with different headlines and assess reader reaction, and don’t shy away from asking your colleagues for their input.

Use a teaser to explain your headline

A teaser (also known as a summary or subhead) is a short, one line summary about your blog that tells readers what it’s about. It also provides some context to your headline – it gives you a chance to offer a bit more information and move the reader into your blog article. Here’s an example of a headline with a teaser.

  • Headline: How accounting software creates new sales
  • Teaser: A regular review of customer sales reports can help you spot revenue opportunities

Once you have written a teaser line for your blog article, you can also use it in your social media channels – it’s a nice and short summary of your content that works well on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Small Business Expert Roger Pierce has written thousands of blog articles to help leading national brands attract small business customers.

Roger Pierce is one of Canada’s top small business experts. He’s the founder of 12 businesses, co-author of the book Thriving Solo, and a writer for leading business publications such as Star Business Club, PROFIT online, YouInc and CBC’s Dragons’ Den website. Articles, blogs and videos produced by Pierce Content Marketing are used by national brands to win small business customers. LinkedIn





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