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Why blogging is good for your business

by Roger Pierce

50 Golden Blogging Tips For Business - Kris Olin - FlickrAmong digital best practices is a powerful way to promote your business: blogging.

However, if you’ve ever tried to blog, either personally or as part of your company’s marketing strategy, you’ll know it’s not always easy. 

It's challenging to come up with a topic, write it up, attach an appropriate image, and post the whole thing.

Why bother blogging?

The answer is simple – it works.

Consumers may tune out your online or offline advertisements, but they are drawn to the helpful content of your blog.

Blogging provides an opportunity to really shine a spotlight on your company and the solutions it supplies. If you’re wondering what to write about, consider talking about issues or problems confronting your audience. For example, if you run a home renovation business you can offer renovation tips to save money and time.

The secret is to share something valuable: a customer experience, a tip, some industry news, or your own expertise. Avoid the tempation to push your products or services. Once a viewer engages your blog, they will be drawn to your website where the selling happens.

Cheaper than advertising

There are few better methods of presenting a compelling narrative than blogging. Compared to traditional advertising, blogging is also inexpensive because the cost usually involves only the time to write an article or tip. if you are uncomfortable writing a blog, consider hiring an expert to do it for you. Positing it to your blog platform can take mere minutes.

Blogs are like a kitchen table conversation. They are a place for you to share ideas and thoughts and tips and suggestions. They are a place for you to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership on weightier issues. And, most importantly, they are a place to show your customers that you understand what’s important to them and how your business can assist them.

Blog regularly

It takes time to attract attention amongst all of today's online clutter. So stick with your blog schedule. Try a monthly blog to start.

You'll get to enjoy blogging because it gives you a platform. You can develop an online personality, work to differentiate your business from your competitors, and engage an audience. You can help people. It's very exciting to see people responding to your blog and sharing it on social media.

Just as you've built other areas of your business, you can start blogging by taking one step: try producing one post. And grow from there.


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Roger Pierce is one of Canada’s top small business experts. He’s the founder of 12 businesses, co-author of the book Thriving Solo, and a writer for leading business publications such as Star Business Club, PROFIT online, YouInc and CBC’s Dragons’ Den website. Articles, blogs and videos produced by Pierce Content Marketing are used by national brands to win small business customers. LinkedIn





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